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Communication Satellites

Publisher: Almqvist & Wiksell

Communication satellites provide an improved means of sending telephone, telegraph, radio and television signals and other data over vast areas. Their development, which is proceeding rapidly, will increase the ease of international communication. Some people fear that this will lead to more intense propaganda and to cultural hegemony by the countries with technological and economic leadership. Others hope that it will bring educational television to the less developed countries. Still others feel that the political and social effects have been exaggerated.

This report looks to see what problems of possible conflict or cooperation arise over satellites and what international arrangements seem best for their exploitation. These questions are of topical importance. Conferences will soon be held which may settle for a long time to come the international arrangements governing the exploitation of satellites. This is the time to make sure that the exploitation of satellites does not get off on the wrong track.

The report tells the fascinating history of how rival systems have been built up by the super-powers and how rival proposals were made by them and others. It is a fine example of international politics in a technological age.


Communication satellites

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