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SIPRI’s firearms expertise featured at international conference

Group photo of the participants of the 'Gun Violence in the EU' conference.
Participants of the Flemish Peace Institute’s ‘Gun Violence in the EU’ conference. Photo: Flemish Peace Institute

Last week Giovanna Maletta, Senior Researcher and Acting Programme Director for the SIPRI Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control Programme, and Dr Andrea Edorado Varisco, SIPRI Associate Senior Researcher, presented research at the ‘Gun Violence in the EU’ conference in Brussels.

The day-long conference served as a platform to present the results of Project Insight. The project, which is coordinated by the Flemish Peace Institute, aims to prevent violence in society by improving the visibility of firearms violence in the European Union (EU). An online knowledge platform was launched on 7 December to gather the most relevant information related to gun violence in the EU, including an online incident monitor that collects up-to-date information on firearms incidents in the 27 EU member states. 

Maletta presented research from her report ‘Firearm-related Gender-based Violence in the European Union’ during a session on domestic and gender-based violence (GBV). The report finds that available data does not allow for a comprehensive picture of the trends and dynamics of GBV, including firearm violence, in the EU. EU initiatives could benefit from establishing linkages with the existing EU framework for the control of the production, trade and possession of firearms.

Varisco presented research on ‘Types of Firearms Used in Violence in the European Union’ during a session on lethal violence and types of guns. The report identified categories of firearms used in connection with violence in the EU. As part of Project Insight, Varisco also co-authored a report on ‘Privately Made Firearms in the European Union, which focuses on the circulation of this type of weapon in the EU.

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