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SIPRI leads new research initiative on North Africa

Architecture in Morocco. Photo credit: pixelRaw/Pixabay
Architecture in Morocco. Photo credit: pixelRaw/Pixabay

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has convened a new research initiative with a focus on North Africa. The North Africa Dialogues and Analysis (NADA) research initiative is jointly organized by SIPRI and the Middle East Institute (MEI). 

NADA brings together a select group of experts focused on North Africa—broadly the area spanning from Morocco to Egypt. NADA will focus on issues such as political economy, governance and security. The aim of the initiative is to better understand the changing and complex dynamics that shape North Africa. 

NADA is co-led by Ahmed Morsy (SIPRI) and Intissar Fakir (MEI) who will act as meeting conveners, topic coordinators and moderators. In this way, NADA hopes to foster a constructive dialogue and provide a space to discuss research ideas collaboratively and creatively. Summaries of these discussions will be made available online. NADA will complement its work with a series of public discussions and through publishing blogs and other policy-relevant articles. 

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