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Call for paper abstracts on nuclear disarmament

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The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) is issuing an open call to students and young professionals for paper abstracts from the social sciences, humanities and legal disciplines. The papers will be part of a collection of essays to be published online by the Alva Myrdal Centre for Nuclear Disarmament (AMC) under the theme ‘Expanding Perspectives on Nuclear Disarmament’.

AMC was established in 2021 at Uppsala University, Sweden, to provide teaching, research and policy support on nuclear disarmament. SIPRI chairs the AMC working group on ‘Nuclear Disarmament in Policy and International Law’.

The deadline to submit paper abstracts is 25 April

By early May, the working group co-chairs will commission select candidates to draft full research papers (5000–6000 words). The deadline for initial drafts of full papers is 13 June, following this, there will be an editing process prior to potential publication. For those selected, SIPRI will provide round-trip transportation to the AMC Annual Conference 2023 taking place on 14–15 June in Uppsala, Sweden, including accommodation and meals, as well as a copy of the SIPRI Yearbook.



Abstracts: 25 April 

Initial draft of full paper (if selected): 13 June 



  • Authors must currently be affiliated with a college or university, at the undergraduate or graduate level, or constitute early-career professionals with less than three years of work experience. Please provide a short (<50 words) bio along with your abstract.
  • The length for the abstract is 300 words (excluding title, references, and bio). The abstract should be written in clear and concise English. Work must be previously unpublished. 
  • Submission of up to two abstracts are allowed. Co-and multi-authored submissions are allowed but note that the prize for selected candidates will be provided only to the primary author.
  • All paper abstracts must clearly address one of the following themes. Please indicate the theme number in the document header.

Theme 1. Reconsidering nuclear disarmament concepts (example topics: the relevance of nuclear disarmament concepts in the current context; how to untangle nuclear weapons complexes) 

Theme 2. Ensuring irreversibility in nuclear disarmament (example topics: different dimensions of disarmament; sustainability of disarmament progress)

Theme 3. Next steps to achieving disarmament progress (example topics: unilateral opportunities for action; necessary verification bodies, including those in the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons)

Theme 4. Factors facilitating nuclear disarmament progress (example topics: international humanitarian law; regime type)

Theme 5. Views on deterrence and disarmament (example topics: the role of nuclear-allied states; gendered perspectives)


How to apply

In order to be considered you must apply via SIPRI’s electronic application system to be eligible. To do so, please access the form via the link at the end of this page, and upload the required documents, including the CVs of all authors and paper abstracts (under the ‘Personal letter’ heading).


Click here to apply.



Dr Wilfred Wan

Director and Senior Researcher, SIPRI Weapons of Mass Destruction Programme


Vladislav Chernavskikh 

Research Assistant, SIPRI Weapons of Mass Destruction Programme