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SIPRI releases its Annual Review 2021

SIPRI Annual Review 2021
SIPRI Annual Review 2021

SIPRI is pleased to release its Annual Review 2021, which takes a retrospective look at the Institute’s activities, publications, commentaries, events and news over the past year.

Throughout 2021, SIPRI continued its dedication to impartial and high-quality analysis. In a time when the international environment was often fraught with instability, SIPRI remained committed to contributing to an informed global conversation.

Examples of SIPRI’s activities in 2021 include a stock-taking exercise for strengthening the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), supporting the implementation of the European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), advancing research related to the Organization for Security Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and consolidating SIPRI’s research programme on the intersection of food, security and peace.

SIPRI continued to engage with a diverse international audience through key virtual events, such as the 2021 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development, on the theme of ‘Promoting Peace in the Age of Compound Risk’, and the sixth annual Stockholm Security Conference, which focused on the battlefields of the future. Online audiences showed continued engagement in the online environment, with the Stockholm Forum gathering over 5300 participants from 162 countries—offering a range of perspectives and enriched discussions.

Download SIPRI’s Annual Review 2021 (PDF).