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New SIPRI film: SIPRI and Point Sud’s work in central Mali—The methodology

The methodology for SIPRI and Point Sud’s work in central Mali—new SIPRI film

Today, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) launches a new Reflection Film that outlines and describes for the first time how SIPRI and its partner in Mali, Point Sud, collect data in central Mali, using quantitative and qualitative research methods, to understand the perceptions of the local population.

Watch the SIPRI Reflection Film on SIPRI’s YouTube channel and on Facebook.


The partnership between SIPRI and Point Sud provides the opportunity to gain unique insight into the situation on the ground in Mali. Through this collaboration, SIPRI and Point Sud collect quantitative data using specially designed surveys in order to monitor and compare people’s perceptions on three key indices: governance, socio-economic development and security.

These surveys are conducted in 120 villages (for a total sample of 1800 households) of the central regions of Mali by trained facilitators who are familiar with the local context. Results are complemented and reinforced by qualitative data collection conducted by a team of researchers. The data and findings are analysed and documented by the SIPRI Sahel and West Africa Programme, which then puts forward recommendations with the aim of helping decision makers to find pathways towards ensuring peace and security for the people of central Mali.

About SIPRI’s films

SIPRI has developed various film types for different audiences and purposes. This SIPRI Reflection Film is part of SIPRI’s film series that aims to deliver thoughtful and insightful analysis, driven by SIPRI experts, to guide viewers on some of the key themes of peace and security. Through the series of films on central Mali—filmed in Bamako, Mali, and in the regions of central Mali—SIPRI strives to bring regional perceptions, voices and views to the global debate. Watch more films on SIPRI’s YouTube channel.

For editors

SIPRI’s current work on central Mali is part of the three-year project ‘Mali-Centre for Security and Development’. The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by SIPRI and its partner Point Sud.

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For information and interview requests contact Alexandra Manolache, SIPRI Communications Officer, (, +46 76 628 61 33) or Stephanie Blenckner, SIPRI Communications Director, (, +46 8 655 97 47).