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SIPRI delegation engages with Chinese centres of research

SIPRI delegation engages with Chinese centres of research
SIPRI Director Dan Smith delivering a lecture to students at a lecture at Zhejiang University

On 13-15 November, a SIPRI delegation led by Director Dan Smith visited several centres of research in China for a series of events and lectures.

Dan Smith took part in events at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, the Center for American Studies at Fudan University and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). Discussions focused, on North-East Asia security, climate change and arms control, the 2019 SIPRI Yearbook findings, among other topics.

The SIPRI delegation also visited Zhejiang University’s Institute of World History and the Center for Non-Traditional Security and Peaceful Development Studies. During the visit, Dan Smith delivered two lectures to students on the Prospect of START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) after the collapse of the INF and its implication for China and the US's nuclear policy and its engagement towards North Korea's nuclear program.

Dan Smith was accompanied during the meetings by Fei Su, Researcher in SIPRI's China and Asia Security Programme and Jiayi Zhou, Researcher in SIPRI's Climate Change and Risk Programme.

During the delegation’s visit to China, SIPRI signed an extension to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Zhejiang University.

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