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SIPRI and partners present new film on central Mali

Niger River in central Mali, image still from film.
Niger River in central Mali, image still from film.

Today, SIPRI, the European Union (EU) and Point Sud are pleased to release a new film on governance, security and socio-economic conditions in central Mali. The film is part of a three-year project called ‘Mali-Centre for Security and Development’.

The film is entitled ‘Akili sigui’ [The peaceful way] and was produced in cooperation with the Malian film-maker, Soussaba Cissé, and her team. ‘Akili sigui’ presents a range of views on the challenges in central Mali, including from the perspectives of local authorities, policy officials, civil society and the general population. The film sets out to explore the future that Malians envisage and how that future can be realized.

The film can be watched in English and French


About the project

The three-year project ‘Mali-Centre for Security and Development’ is funded by the EU and implemented by SIPRI and its partner Point Sud. The project, which began in 2018, monitors governance, security and socio-economic development indicators in the Mopti and Ségou regions. The indicators are based on responses to questionnaires that are distributed every three months to a representative sample of the population. This bottom-up approach directly identifies the populations’ expectations and needs.