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SIPRI film series on the security risks of newly emerged technologies

New SIPRI film series on the security risks of newly emerged technologies

Based on expert interviews at the 2018 Stockholm Security Conference, SIPRI has produced a new film series—‘Exploring the security risks posed by newly emerged technologies’—that is out today.

The series addresses wide-ranging security concerns: what do the technologies mean for armed conflict? For arms control? For society as a whole? The series highlights the most pressing dangers, explores who needs to act and what needs to happen to address the risks ahead.

Introduced by Dr Sibylle Bauer, Director of Studies for SIPRI’s Armament and Disarmament Research, the series can be viewed on SIPRI’s YouTube and Facebook channels. The series aims to reduce confusion around a topic that lacks clarity.

Dr Bauer highlights the need to better understand the security risks that are created when different technologies are combined. For example: what are the risks if nuclear weapons are combined with cyber developments? Can this create more vulnerabilities and increase the risk of nuclear weapon use? Dr Bauer stresses the need to improve the understanding of these connections in order to more accurately evaluate the security implications for the future.

The interviews feature experts from a range fields—including academia, civil society, international law, national armed forces, policy research and the private sector—and illustrate the varied perspectives on the security risks related to emerging technologies.


About the 2018 Stockholm Security Conference

The Stockholm Security Conference is an annual event that brings together key stakeholders to discuss global security challenges and how to respond to them. The theme of the 2018 Stockholm Security Conference (SSC 18) was ‘Emerging technologies: Unseen connections, missing players, absent solutions’. It was organized in partnership with the Riksdag (the Swedish Parliament) and the Munich Security Conference (MSC).


About SIPRI’s films

SIPRI produces a variety of videos that cater to different audiences and serve as an alternative platform for providing insights on peace and security. Events are a core component of SIPRI’s outreach, and livestreams and recordings of SIPRI’s conferences and seminars are produced on a regular basis. Watch more films over at SIPRI's YouTube channel.