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SIPRI to participate in next stage of Arctic research project


A research consortium led by Umeå University and including SIPRI, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) has received a grant from the Foundation for Strategic and Environmental Research (MISTRA) to conduct the research programme ‘Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development: New governance for sustainable development in the European Arctic’.

The mission of the programme is to provide a contextual and analytical framework for the nuanced understanding of the conditions for development in the European Arctic. Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development is a continuation of the Mistra Arctic Futures programme, conducted over the course of 2011–14, in which SIPRI was also a participant.

SIPRI’s contribution to the new programme is designed to highlight and understand the ways in which key actors and interests are functioning as active participants in the transformation of the European Arctic, and to provide an analysis of how international actors shape and change their interests in the region.

Dr Neil Melvin and Ekaterina Klimenko of SIPRI's Armed Conflict and Conflict Management Programme, as well as Dr Linda Jacobson of the Lowy Institute for International Policy, will be involved in implementing the programme.

Read more about SIPRI’s research on the Arctic or download the SIPRI Policy Paper, China's Arctic Aspirations, by Linda Jakobson and Jingchao Peng. 

For more information about the project contact Ekaterina Klimenko.