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Nuclear Security During Armed Conflict: Lessons From Ukraine

Nuclear security during armed conflict: Lessons from Ukraine
The service water systems at Rivne nuclear power plant, Rivne, Ukraine. Flickr/Rivne NPP.

Online event

The international nuclear security framework aims to prevent, detect and respond to malicious or unauthorized acts perpetuated by non-state actors. The attacks on nuclear installations in Ukraine by the Russian military in 2022 thus presented new—and extraordinary—challenges to that framework. After all, no prior military attack had been directed at a large, operational nuclear power plant with a substantial inventory of irradiated nuclear fuel. The accompanying challenges encompassed not only the national nuclear security regimes of Ukraine and its neighbouring countries but the whole of the international nuclear security framework.

This hybrid event will present the results of a research project on the topic of nuclear security during armed conflict. Panellists will discuss the history of attacks on nuclear installations and assess changes to the nuclear security regimes in the Black Sea region precipitated by those attacks. In addition, they will explore ways to enhance the international nuclear security framework in the future, particularly in response to extraordinary events.

The event is hosted by the Maltese Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and the Odesa Center for Nonproliferation (OdCNP) and funded by the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.


Introduction and welcoming remarks*

Dr Corrine Casha, Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade, Malta 

Tristan Gilchrist, Deputy High Commissioner, British High Commission Valletta


Vitaly Fedchenko, Senior Researcher, SIPRI


Vitaly Fedchenko, Senior Researcher, SIPRI

Dr Iryna Maksymenko, Senior Research Fellow, OdCNP

Dr Polina Sinovets, Director, OdCNP


Rhonda Evans, Head of Programme Development, World Institute of Nuclear Security

Dr Anita Nilsson, former Director, Office of Nuclear Security, International Atomic Energy Agency

*other speakers to be confirmed.

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