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SIPRI Webinar Series: The Strategic Triangle in the Arctic

SIPRI Webinar Series: The Strategic Triangle in the Arctic
Arctic landscape. Photo: Flickr/L’Oriol

Melting ice and progress within icebreaking capability means there will be greater maritime access to the Arctic region. Implications can be anticipated for both littoral and non-littoral states. Furthermore, there is growing competition between China, Russia and the United States in the region. The transition from a ‘High North low tension’ paradigm and the re-emergence of hard security concerns in the Arctic have now been raised at the Arctic Council.

SIPRI is proud to organize a series of webinars to create a platform for experts from China, Japan, Nordic countries, Russia and the USA and to explore the implications of growing Chinese–Russian–US strategic competition for Nordic and North East Asian states.


Monday 7 September 

14:00–16:00: The Arctic region: What are the interests of the Arctic and non–Arctic states?

Tuesday 8 September 

14:00–16:00: Maritime transport and the changing geopolitical landscape in the Arctic

Wednesday 9 September

14:00–16:00: Changing geopolitical dynamics and military security challenges in the Arctic: Current developments and emerging trends

Thuesday 10 September  

14:00–16:00: Responses to the changing dynamics in the Arctic


Participation at the workshop is by invitation only.

For the detailed programme and other inquiries, please contact to Johanna Eliasson, SIPRI Events Assistant, email: