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Japan–Europe–USA: Integrating cybersecurity and norms into critical infrastructure

Japan–Europe–USA: Integrating cyber security and norms into critical infrastructure
Cyber attacks. Photo: Flickr/Christiaan Colen
SIPRI, Signalistgatan 9, Solna


With WannaCry impacting 99 countries in 2017 and coming on the heels of Ukrainian power outages, attacks on the SWIFT global banking system and alleged intrusions into Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation in 2015 and 2016, the international community has confronted a growing range of threats posed by cyber intrusions and attacks on critical infrastructure. Among those impacted, Japan, Europe and the United States are not new to the uncertainties and challenges posed by these incidents and the lack of commonly accepted definitions and norms.

This workshop will host Japanese, European and US experts from technical, industry, legal and academic communities to explore cyber definitions, cases of cyber intrusion and attack, as well as response and cooperation at the national, regional and international level.

On the first panel, speakers will identify cyber and definitional challenges to critical infrastructure. The second panel will provide concrete case studies to elucidate these concerns. The third panel will build from the identified definitions, challenges and case studies to discuss key cooperative mechanisms and means for enhancing cyber security and norms for critical infrastructure. Overall, this workshop will seek to identify commonalities and differences on cyber security and cyber norms in critical infrastructure, while proposing cooperative initiatives for the future. 


Participation at the workshop is by invitation only.