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Challenges and prospects for economic development in the DPRK

Flags in the DPRK. Photo: Flickr/(stephan)
Flags in the DPRK. Photo: Flickr/(stephan)


In the wake of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) fourth and fifth nuclear tests on 6 January and 9 September 2016 and follow-on resolutions from the United Nations, SIPRI’s China and Global Security Programme and Jilin University’s Northeast Asia Studies College will host the workshop 'Challenges and Prospects for Economic Development in the DPRK' on 20 September.

This workshop will bring together Chinese and European experts to explore challenges and prospects facing economic development in the DPRK. Attendees will discuss the impact of international sanctions, while exploring cooperation among China and European countries to facilitate economic and humanitarian development in the DPRK.





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