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UN arms embargo on Yugoslavia (FRY)

In September 1991, the UN passed Security Council Resolution 713, in reaction to fighting in Yugoslavia marking the start of the Yugoslav wars, which the Resolution stated was ‘causing a heavy loss of human life and material damage’. The Resolution placed an arms embargo on Yugoslavia for ‘all deliveries of weapons and military equipment’.

In November 1995, the UN passed Security Council Resolution 1022, which welcomed the progress in peace talks between Former Yugoslav States and Yugoslavia, leading to the Dayton Accords. The resolution ‘indefinitely’ suspended the arms embargo.

In October 1996, the UN passed Security Council Resolution 1074, which lifted the arms embargo following the continued implementation of the Dayton Accords and the increasing normalization of relations between Former Yugoslav States.

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Embargo type: Mandatory UN embargoes
Entry into force:
Lifted: 1 October 1996
Establishing document: UNSCR 2216