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Yemen (NGF)

In reaction to the conflict and deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen the UNSC imposed in April 2015 an arms embargo on several armed groups in the country, in particular the so-called Houthi rebels. The embargo is not time limited.

Concerned at the military escalation by Houthis rebels in many parts of Yemen and the significant and rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation, the United Nations Security Council imposed in April 2015 a full arms embargo against the rebel group’s leadership and demanded that all parties refrain from unilateral actions that could undermine the country’s UN-facilitated political transition.

The measure was imposed through Security Council Resolution 2216 adopted by a vote of 14 in favour, with one abstention (Russia). The resolution demanded that Houthis immediately and unconditionally end violence, withdraw forces from areas they have seized, relinquish all arms, cease activities undermining the authority of the country’s legitimate Government, refrain from provocation against neighbouring States, release the Defence Minister, and end the recruitment of children.

The resolution required all Member States to take immediate necessary measures to prevent direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer to, or for the benefit of Mr. Saleh, along with Abdullah Yahya Al Hakim, Abd Al-Khaliq Al-Huthi, and individuals and entities designated by the Committee established pursuant to paragraph 19 of Security Council Resolution 2140 (2014).

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Embargo type: Mandatory UN embargoes
Entry into force:
Establishing document: UNSCR 2216