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League of Arab States arms embargo on Syria

In November 2011, in reaction to the violent suppression of protests in Syria on 27 November, the League of Arab States imposed economic and financial sanctions against the Syrian government. 

In December 2011 the Ministerial Committee of the League of Arab States made a statement in which it announced further sanctions including an embargo on the supply of weapons of all types to Syria by member states.

The status of the arms embargo on Syria imposed by the Arab League in 2011 has become very uncertain. In 2023 Syria was readmitted to the Arab League from which it was suspended in November 2011, at the same time as the arms embargo was imposed.  Although no formal statement has been found about the lifting of the embargo, there is also no indication it remains active. 

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Embargo type: Other multilateral embargoes
Entry into force:
Establishing document: LAS statement

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