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EU arms embargo on Sudan

Since 1994 the European Union has embargoed arms supplies to Sudan. In July 2011 the embargo was amended so that it would cover arms supplies to Sudan and the newly independent state of South Sudan.

In March 1994 the European Union imposed an arms embargo on Sudan in response to the civil in war in the southern part of the country (Council Decision 94/165/CFSP).

In January and June 2004 the embargo was modified to also cover technical and financial assistance related to arms supplies and to exempt any supplies to UN, EU and African Union institutions in Sudan and related to demining operations. (Common Position 2004/31/CFSP, Council Regulation (EC) No 131/2004, Common Position 2004/510/CFSP.)

In May 2005 the EU implemented the UN sanctions on Sudan related to the conflict in Darfur (UNSCR 1591/2005) by merging them with the existing EU arms embargo on Sudan. The arms embargo was also amended to allow assistance and supplies provided in support of implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the Sudanese Government and the South Sudanese rebels, the Sudan People's Liberation Movement. (Common Position 2005/411/CFSP, Council Regulation (EC) No 838/2005.)

On 9 July 2011 South Sudan became independent. In reaction, the EU in July 2011 amended the arms embargo to cover both Sudan and South Sudan by Council Decision 2011/423/CFSP. The supply of non-lethal military equipment and related assistance to support Security Sector Reform in South Sudan was exempted from the arms embargo. 

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Embargo type: EU embargoes
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Establishing document: 94/165/CFSP