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EU arms embargo on Belarus

In response to the deteriorating human rights, democracy and rule-of-law situation in Belarus the EU strengthened in June 2011 its existing sanctions on the leadership of Belarus with an arms embargo by adopting Council Decision 2011/357/CFSP, implemented by Council Regulation (EU) No 588/2011. The embargo prohibits any involvement in the supply of arms, military equipment as well as equipment that might be used for internal repression.

The sanctions can also affect arms export by Belarus, because they prohibit involvement of entities based in the EU in making available funds or economic resources to Beltechexport, the largest export/import company of military products in Belarus. 

The embargo has been extended several times and is currently in place until 28 February 2025.

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Embargo type: EU embargoes
Entry into force:
Establishing document: 2011/357/CFSP