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SIPRI's organization is comprised of a Governing Board, the Director, the Deputy Director, the Research Staff Collegium and support staff.

SIPRI offers a unique platform for researchers from different countries to work in close cooperation on projects. SIPRI's staff is international. The researchers are recruited for a specific period from different geographical regions and represent various academic disciplines. SIPRI also hosts guest researchers who work on issues related to SIPRI's research programme.

The Governing Board takes decisions on important matters concerning SIPRI's research agenda, activities, organization and financial administration. Matters not to be decided by the Governing Board are decided by the Director. The Research Staff Collegium advises the Director on research matters.

Although SIPRI is not a teaching institute, it does receive interns who wish to learn more about its research activities. Contacts are maintained with other research centres and individual researchers throughout the world, several international and regional organizations, and diplomatic missions. SIPRI also regularly receives parliamentary, scientific and governmental delegations.