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Vane Moraa Aminga

Research Assistant

Vane Moraa Aminga

Vane Moraa Aminga

Vane Aminga was a Research Assistant in the Climate Change and Risk Programme at SIPRI. Her research work focuses on the linkages between low carbon (renewable energy) development projects and conflict in East Africa. Before joining SIPRI, she worked at the Strathmore Energy Research Centre in Nairobi, where her research outputs were geared towards eradicating energy-related vulnerabilities for off-grid populations; policy and regulatory reforms; climate change and increased energy access. She has also gained relevant technical experience working as an energy engineer at SolarGen Technologies and Gill Consult Ltd, Kenya. 

She has extensively worked in disenfranchised communities of East Africa through Fly Sister Fly Foundation which she founded in 2011.  The foundation designs and implements economic and social justice empowerment programmes for pastoralist women, including peace building and energy access initiatives.  This experience lays the foundation for her research work at SIPRI. She holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, a leadership course from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh. She has interests in multidisciplinary research for sustainable development in the Global South. 


Subject expertise

Low-carbon development; renewable energy; engineering; human security; gender and minority issues; sustainable development in the Global South

Regional expertise


English, Swahili, French

MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems, University of Edinburgh, UK; The Regulation to Universal Access to Energy, Florence School of Regulation, Italy; BSc Mechanical Engineering, University of Nairobi, Kenya

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