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Rickard Söder

Associate Researcher

Rickard Söder

Rickard Söder

Rickard Söder is an Associate Researcher at SIPRI. He is also a PhD student within the Mistra Geopolitics Research Programme at the Department of Political Science, Stockholm University. His research focuses on how organizations anticipate changes in the earth system and how they develop methods and capabilities to handle related humanitarian crises.

Before starting his doctoral studies, Rickard worked in the SIPRI Climate Change and Risk Programme. He has previously published papers on security in the Anthropocene and been an editor at Pax et Bellum Journal, a student-run academic journal in the field of Peace and Conflict Research.

Subject expertise

Anthropocene, climate security, military organizations

Swedish, English, Spanish

BA of Social Science in Peace and Conflict Studies – Uppsala University; MA of Social Science in Peace and Conflict Studies – Uppsala University

External publications