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Professor Fantu Cheru

Associate Senior Fellow

Professor Fantu Cheru

Fantu Cheru

Professor Fantu Cheru was a SIPRI Associate Senior Fellow with the Mali Civil Society and Peacebuilding Project. He is a Distinguished Research Associate at the North–South Institute in Ottawa, Canada, a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for African Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands, and Emeritus Professor of African and Development Studies at American University in Washington, DC. He currently serves as a senior external advisor to Ethiopia’s Minister of Urban Development, Housing and Construction. He also serves on the editorial board of a number of academic journals. His articles have appeared in numerous international journals including World Development, the Review of African Political Economy, International Affairs and Third World Quarterly: Global Political Economy.

Subject expertise

Global political economy; political economy of Africa; international development and development management; comparative and regional politics; globalization, trade and regional integration; agriculture and rural development; African urbanization and the urban-rural interface; conflict, democracy and transformation.


PhD in Political Economy and Urban Planning, Portland State University, (1983) MS in Political Science, Portland State University (1978) BA in Political Science, Colorado College (1975) 

United States
External publications
  • Cheru, F. and Modi, R. (eds), Agricultural Development and Food Security in Africa: The Impact of Chinese, Indian and Brazilian Investments (Zed Books: London, 2013)
  • Cornelissen, S., Cheru, F. and Shaw, T. M. (eds), Africa and International Relations in the 21st Century (Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke, 2011)
  • Cheru, F. and Obi, C. (eds), The Rise of China and India in Africa: Challenges, Opportunities and Critical Interventions (Nordic Africa Institute/Zed Books: Uppsala/London, 2010)
  • Cheru, F., African Renaissance: Roadmaps to the Challenge of Globalization (Zed Books: London, 2002)