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Pernilla Nordqvist

Research Assistant

Pernilla Nordqvist

Pernilla Nordqvist

Pernilla Nordqvist was a Research Assistant with the SIPRI Climate Change and Risk Programme. She is conducting research on the relationship between rapid-onset climate related events and security risks. Prior to joining the SIPRI team she recently graduated from her Masters in peace and conflict studies, where she focused on natural disaster management in conflict areas and emerging security threats.

Pernilla has also done an internship for the UNHCR in Malaysia where she worked on various projects focusing on durable solutions for refugees. Further she has studied and conducted field research in India and Vietnam. In India she wrote a report together with a local NGO on security risks for women and children in IDP camps.

Pernilla is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Gothenburg. 


Subject expertise

Natural disaster management; security risks; rebel governance; migration

Regional expertise

South and South-East Asia

Swedish, English

Masters in Social Sciences, Peace and Conflict Studies, Uppsala University