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Luke Richards

Research Assistant

Luke Richards

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Luke Richards was a Research Assistant working on emerging military and security technologies where he is currently focusing on responsible innovation and artificial intelligence. He has formerly interned at SIPRI during which he worked on the security implications of human enhancement. His interests lay at the intersection of science, technology, innovation and international affairs, themes of which featured in his MSc dissertation, ‘The Civil-Military Entanglement of Global Innovation’.

Prior to joining SIPRI, he worked at the International Institute for Strategic Studies where he was involved with a project that sought to create a methodology for understanding the cyber power of states. He is also involved in a number of projects around technology and has previously presented his work at the European Workshops in International Studies.

Subject expertise

AI, cyber, emerging technologies, ethics, innovation, international security, science and technology policy, STS, surveillance.


MSc, Science and Technology Policy; BA, International Relations