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Katerina Mansour


Katerina Mansour

Katerina Mansour

Katerina is an intern in the Mali Civil Society and Peacebuilding team at SIPRI. She recently returned from a three-month internship with the World Food Programme in Bénin where she worked closely with colleagues on the Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis, an in-depth assessment of the levels, extent and scope of food insecurity and vulnerability throughout the country that is produced every five years. Previously, she had interned for NGOs working on issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, more specifically on the failure of peace negotiations, and on humanitarian aid and development in the Middle East and Africa.

She is currently pursuing a Master’s in International Security with concentrations in Africa and Diplomacy. Previously, she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, Political Science and History.

Subject expertise

Peace negotiations, peacebuilding, conflict management, peacekeeping operations, food security

Regional expertise

Israel, Palestine, Western Africa (specifically Bénin), South Africa, France

Phone number
0782 188 981
French, English, Arabic

Master’s in International Security at SciencesPo Paris (ongoing)