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Kate Sullivan

Programme Coordinator

Kate Sullivan

Kate Sullivan

Kate Sullivan was Coordinator of SIPRI’s Peace and Development Programme. She was primarily responsible for delivering the annual Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development, as well as other workshops and consultations. In association with the Forum, Kate oversees the Masters Practicum, a collaboration with Uppsala University's Department of Peace and Conflict Research designed to provide hands-on professional development for students. Kate provides strategic planning and project support to the team's researchers and manages the programme's day-to-day administration. Her current research interests include vulnerable human mobility, inclusive development processes and the nexus of counter and preventing violent extremism (CVE and PVE) strategies and peacebuilding interventions. 

Prior to joining SIPRI, Kate served as Executive Director of the Global Partnership Alliance, a non-profit focused on improving youth livelihoods through international publicprivate partnerships. She previously served as a Community Economic Development Specialist with the United States Peace Corps in Suriname and in the Global Government Relations division of United Technologies Corporation. Kate holds a Master of Public Administration from the George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan.

Subject expertise

Programme coordination, project and process management, public-private partnerships, community development, capacity building, event planning. 

English, Swedish, Ndjuka Tongo, French
United States
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