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Juneseo Hwang


Juneseo Hwang

Juneseo Hwang

Juneseo Hwang was an intern with the Peace and Development Programme at SIPRI. His research interests are greening security sector and environmental peacebuilding. Previously, Juneseo worked as a voluntary campaigner in Green Korea United, specialised in two areas – investigating environmental problems of military bases and operations in Korea and Japan and monitoring protected species in the de-militarised zone (DMZ) in the Korean Peninsula. During his studies at the University of Bradford, Juneseo conducted a field study on environmental problems of NATO military bases in Germany and Italy. His MA dissertation focused on environmental governance in post-conflict Northern Ireland after the Good Friday Agreement.

Juneseo is currently exploring international environmental cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region, which stimulates two research interests - NATO’s environmental policy and its influence on cross-border environmental cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region, and the effectiveness of international environmental cooperation between democratic and non-democratic countries in promoting peace and security in their borders.

Subject expertise

International environmental cooperation, environmental peacebuilding, rewilding, security sector reform, civil society, social movements

Regional expertise

Northern Ireland, European Union, South Korea, Japan

English, Korean

BA Sociology in Sungkonghoe University, South Korea; MA Peace Studies in University of Bradford, England

South Korea
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