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Joel Petersson Ivre


Joel Petersson Ivre

Joel Petersson Ivre

Joel is an intern with SIPRI’s China and Asia Security Programme. He is supporting the programme's work on great power competition in the Arctic as well as implications to the Nordic and North-East Asian countries.

Joel completed his Master’s degree in East Asian studies and foreign policy at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, where his thesis analyzed the foreign policy decision making processes of China and Russia. He has studied in Korea for three years through the Korean Government Scholarship Program, and previously worked as an intern at East Asia Institute, an independent think-tank in Seoul. Joel is also a Young Leader at Pacific Forum, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and culture from Stockholm University.

Subject expertise

Chinese politics, foreign policy, East Asian security

Regional expertise

East Asia, China, Korea

Swedish, English, Chinese, Korean

Master of Global Affairs and Policy, Yonsei University; Bachelor of Arts, Stockholm University

External publications
  • Petersson Ivre, J. and Lee, E., ‘To Leash or Unleash: The Influence of Personalism on the Foreign Policy Decision-Making Processes of Authoritarian States’, Central European Journal of International and Security Studies, 14/2 (forthcoming 2020).
  • Kerkhoff, N. and Petersson Ivre, J., 'Nothing but Net for North Korea in US–China Competition’, East Asia Forum (2018)