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Jia Chen

Guest Researcher

Jia Chen

Jia Chen

Jia Chen is a Guest Researcher in the SIPRI China and Global Security Programme. His research focuses on nuclear non-proliferation policy of USA and China, nuclear security from non-traditional security perspectives and regional nuclear problems from theory of nuclear justice.

He is also a PhD candidate of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. He is majoring in Non-traditional Security Management, and his research topic is nuclear security. He has worked on regional nuclear problems and nuclear policy of USA as cases study for his dissertation.

Subject expertise

Nuclear security, non-proliferation, nuclear strategy, international relations.

Regional expertise

China, USA and North Korea

Phone number
+46 76 418 81 22
Chinese, English

PhD in Management of Public Affairs major in Non-traditional Security Management, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China; BA in World History and English Teaching, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China

External publications
  • Chen, J., 'Reviews of the Legacies of Obama Administration’s Anti-proliferation Policy on Iran', Fudan American Review, vol.22, pp.76-92 (2016)
  • Chen, J., 'On the Study of Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy of Bush and Obama Administration by Academic Circle', Proceedings of the 11th Postgraduates’ Winter Forum of World History Majors, BNU in Beijing, vol.11, pp.260-278 (2015)
  • Chen, J., 'The Development and Influence in the Early Years History of British Air Force (1907-1918)', Proceedings of the 10th Postgraduates’ Winter Forum of World History Majors, BNU in Beijing, vol.10, pp.174-187 (2014).