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Jason Mosley

Associate Senior Researcher

Jason Mosley

Jason Mosley

Jason Mosley is an Associate Senior Researcher with SIPRI's Conflict, Peace and Security area, working on the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea region. He is also a Research Associate at the African Studies Centre, Oxford University and Managing Editor of the Journal of Eastern African Studies. Building on more than 20 years of field experience in the Horn of Africa, Jason has since 2012 undertaken a range of policy and academic research consultancies, focused on political economy issues across the region. He was an Associate Fellow of the Africa Programme at Chatham House from 2012-18. Prior to this, Jason was the Senior Analyst for Africa at Oxford Analytica from 2005-12.

Jason’s current research is focused on the wider Red Sea region, in terms of peace and security issues, cultural and economic linkages, and shifts in regional multilateralism. He has a continuing interest in local reactions to state visions for the development of marginalized regions, especially in frontier areas. Jason is also active in efforts to mentor researchers in Northeast Africa, and in finding ways to amplify research agendas initiated and driven by his colleagues from the region.

Subject expertise

Political economy of development; regional security

Regional expertise

Horn of Africa, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya; Red Sea

English, Amharic

MA African Studies, SOAS, University of London, United Kingdom

United Kingdom
United States
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