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Dr Simone Bunse

Content Manager

Dr Simone Bunse

Dr Simone Bunse

Dr Simone Bunse is a Senior Researcher in the SIPRI Food, Peace and Security Programme.  Prior to her current role, she was the Content Manager for the Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development. Her previous positions have included Director of Academic Affairs at Lead University, Costa Rica; Associate Teaching Professor at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy, Washington DC, USA; Assistant Professor at INCAE Business School, Costa Rica; and Visiting Researcher at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium.

Before her academic career, she was a project manager at the international consulting firm Oxford Analytica. She has published with leading publishers, including Oxford University Press and Palgrave McMillan. Her book Small States and EU Governance won the Choice Outstanding Academic Titles Award by the American Library Association for excellence in scholarship.

Subject expertise

Comparative politics, comparative policy process, policy analysis, political risk analysis, decision-making for public policy, European integration, EU institutions and policy-making, gender equality, interlinkages between climate, food, peace and security

Regional expertise

EU, Western Europe and Latin America

German, English, Spanish

DPhil in Politics, University of Oxford; MPhil in European Politics and Society, University of Oxford; BA in European Studies/Economics, University of Kent at Canterbury

External publications
  • Bunse, S., and McAllister, C., Securing peace in a time of environmental crisis’, Baltic Rim Economies, no. 2 (May 2023). 
  • Bunse, S., and McAllister, C., Securing Peace in a Time of Environmental Crisis—The Research Agenda Emerging from the 2022 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development Policy DialoguesJournal of Peacebuilding & Development (2022)
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  • Bunse, S., 'The Rotating Presidency under the Lisbon Treaty: From Political Leader to Middle Manager?' In: Van Hecke and Bursens (eds.) Readjusting the Council Presidency. Belgian Leadership in the EU, ASP: London (2011)
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