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Dr Peter Clevestig

Associate Senior Researcher

Dr Peter Clevestig

Peter Clevestig

Dr Peter Clevestig was an Associate Senior Researcher with the SIPRI Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation Programme. He served as Technical Expert to the Gulf Cooperation Council Regional Secretariat for the EU CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) Risk Mitigation Centre of Excellence Initiative in Abu Dhabi.

Dr Clevestig is a trained virologist working on multiple aspects of biological security including biosecurity, dual-use aspects and oversight mechanisms for microbiological research, and strategic trade control of biological materials and technology. He is the author of a handbook on applied biosecurity for scientists and laboratory staff. Dr Clevestig's interests also include historical aspects of biological warfare programmes and developments in biotechnology and their potential security implications. His current activities include support for biosafety legislation development and related capacity-building in Africa. Dr Clevestig joined SIPRI in early 2007.

Subject expertise

Security issues related to health, infectious diseases and biological materials and technologies in the life sciences. Specialist in biosafety and biosecurity policies and laboratory procedures; dual uses of biotechnologies and related governance policies; aspects of biological weapons programmes and past uses; developments in the emerging fields of synthetic biology and microbial forensics.

  • Nordic Biosafety Network (NBN), Member
  • European Biosafety Association (EBSA), Member
External publications
  • Toprak, S., Ersoy, G., Hart, J. and Clevestig, P., ‘The Pathology of lethal exposure to the riot control agents: towards a forensics-based methodology for determining misuse’, Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine (2015). [accepted for publication on 28 Nov. 2014; published online 9 Dec. 2014].
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