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Dr Mirko Himmel

Associate Senior Researcher

Dr Mirko Himmel

Dr Mirko Himmel

Dr Mirko Himmel is an Associate Senior Researcher within the SIPRI Armament and Disarmament research area. Mirko works on research topics related to non-proliferation and preventive arms control of biological weapons. He is a principal scientist working in the Department for Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Hamburg. His teaching activities include lectures in molecular infection biology and biomedical ethics. Furthermore, Mirko frequently provides biosecurity advice for students and researchers at the university.

Mirko is biochemist by training and has a long-standing work experience in basic research in the life sciences. In 2005, he started his junior postdoc career at the University of Leipzig and moved in 2009 as senior postdoc to the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf. From 2014-2022 he was with the Centre for Science and Peace Research at the University of Hamburg. Mirko is sharing his scientific and biosecurity expertise with governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Subject expertise

Biological weapons arms control; emerging technologies in the life sciences, biosecurity; bioethics

Regional expertise


German, English

PhD in Cell Biology, University of Potsdam

External publications
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  • Himmel, M., Novel Approaches and Synergies in Biological and Chemical Arms Control. In Sevini, F., editor, 39th ESARDA Annual Meeting, JRC Conference and Workshop Reports, pp. 378– 383 (2017)
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