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Dr Mathew George

Programme Director

Dr Mathew George

Dr Mathew George

Dr Mathew George joined SIPRI in May 2023 as the Director of SIPRI's Arms Transfers Programme. His research interests focus on global arms trade, American and Oceania military inventories and geopolitics, coastal security, and comprehensive security. Mathew was previously the Practice Head of Aerospace, Defense and Security at GlobalData and before that a part of Jane’s Military Inventories and Naval Platforms teams.

Subject expertise

Comprehensive security, arms market trends and analysis, geopolitics and influences on the arms trade

Regional expertise

Americas and Oceania


PhD Dissertation, “A Comprehensive Security Approach to Coastal Security in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, 2008-2014"

External publications
  • George, M. Rethinking Comprehensive Security in ASEAN- A conceptual review and India's Possible Role, in Security Dynamics of India's Future Relations with Southeast Asian Nations, University of Madras (April 2012).
  • George, M. Situating Environmental Degradation in the Human Security Matrix, in Jamadhagni, S U K (ed.), The Unrecognized Peril: Threats to Environmental Security, Vij Books (March 3, 2014).
  • George M. Role of Indonesia, Nicaragua receives Russian T-72 tanks, set for September unveiling, in Jane’s Defence Weekly (August 2, 2016).
  • George M. Royal Australian Navy trials deployable 3D printer technology, in Jane’s International Defence Review (November 25, 2019).