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Dr Marta Bo

Associate Senior Researcher

Dr Marta Bo

Marta Bo

Dr Marta Bo is an Associate Senior Researcher within SIPRI’s Armament and Disarmament research area. Marta is also researcher at the University of Amsterdam-Asser Institute in The Hague. In July 2022, she completed a 4-year post-doc at the Graduate Institute Geneva (LAWS and War Crimes Project). Her research focuses on state and criminal responsibility for unlawful conducts in the use and developments of autonomous weapon systems; war crimes; AI and criminal responsibility; automation biases and mens rea; disarmament and criminalisation.

Marta leads, designs and implements capacity-building training projects for judiciaries in international and transnational criminal law, international humanitarian law, and human rights lawShe has published on international and transnational criminal law (especially, piracy and migrant smuggling), the International Criminal Court, complementarity, law of the sea and human rights, artificial intelligence and criminal responsibility, autonomous weapons, self-driving cars, state responsibility.

Marta is member of the Steering Committee of the Antonio Cassese Initiative for Justice, Peace and Humanity and editor of the international criminal law section of the Leiden Journal of International Law.

Subject expertise

Public international law, international criminal law and procedure, international humanitarian law, transnational criminal law, law of the sea, maritime security, human rights; autonomous weapons, artificial intelligence

English, French, Spanish, Italian