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Dr Jonathan Hall

Senior Researcher

Dr Jonathan Hall

Dr Jonathan Hall

Jonathan Hall is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University in Sweden. He was previously a Senior Researcher on Peacebuilding in the SIPRI Peace and Development research area. He received his PhD in Peace and Conflict Research in 2013 and has served as the head of the Uppsala Peace Lab – a program on experimental peace and conflict research – since 2016. The Lab conducts continuous field experiments in challenging environments such as in post-conflict settings and among refugees in host countries across the Middle East and Europe.

His particular area of expertise lies in understanding how the experience of warfare shapes human social cooperation and the psychological mechanisms involved using experimental methods. He has received multiple grants for which he has served as Principal Investigator from the United States Federal Government, Sweden and EU institutions, and has coordinated grants with multiple partners across North America, Europe and the Middle East. His research has appeared in such prestigious outlets as the Journal of Experimental Social PsychologySocial Psychological and Personality Science, Journal of Conflict Resolution and numerous other international peer-reviewed journals. 

Subject expertise

Political psychology of cooperation and conflict, war exposure, traumatic stress and traumatic growth, displacement, discrimination, intergroup trust and altruism in conflict and post-conflict settings

Regional expertise

Former Yugoslavia, Middle East

English, Swedish

PhD Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University; MA Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University; BA Political Science, Seattle Pacific University

United States
External publications