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Dr Jago Salmon

Programme Manager

Dr Jago Salmon

Dr Jago Salmon

Dr Jago Salmon was the lead convenor of the 2020 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development, and a non-resident fellow with the Centre for International Cooperation at NYU. Until September 2019, Jago served as the senior advisor to the UN and World Bank partnership on conflict-affected settings and was the co-author of the joint UN-WB study Pathways for Peace: Inclusive Approaches to Preventing Violent Conflict

Jago has 15 years’ experience in policy analysis, programme development and project management in conflict-affected settings, and has served with the UN in Headquarters, both in New York and Geneva, and in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, CAR, East Timor, Liberia, Lebanon, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. Jago led UN UN strategic planning support to Central African Republic in 2016, Liberia in 2017, and Zimbabwe in 2018, and supported the planning of peace operations in South Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen. Operationally Jago worked as a senior public sector advisor for UNDP, leading the UN's Payment Programme for Ebola Response Workers in 2014/15, and support to the Security Sector in Central African Republic in 2013/2014. Prior to joining the UN, Jago worked as an analyst on the Middle East, with a focus on Sudan.

Subject expertise

Governance, Peacebuilding, Conflict Prevention, United Nations, International Financial Institutions

Regional expertise

Arab region, Sahel, Horn of Africa

English, French, Italian, Arabic

PhD in Social Sciences, Humboldt University zu Berlin, Germany; M.A. in Near and Middle Eastern Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, UK; BA in Politics and Philosophy University of York, UK

United Kingdom
External publications
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