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Dr Gary Milante

Director of Studies

Dr Gary Milante

Gary Milante

Dr Gary Milante is Director of Studies, Peace and Development. His research focuses on the intersection of security and socio-economic development throughout his career as a researcher and policy advisor. From first principles based on theory of conflict and cooperation, to applied econometrics, statistical analysis and modeling, Dr Milante has concentrated on making the complex problems associated with sequencing of institutional reforms, development portfolio design, strategic planning and needs assessment accessible to policymakers and practitioners in the field, with a special focus on the needs of fragile and conflict-affected states.

Subject expertise

Development practice and policy, global indicators of security and development, defense economics, development impacts of peacekeeping, comprehensive approach/whole of government responses, security and development nexus, fiscal and monetary policy in conflict and post-conflict countries

Regional expertise

Africa (Horn and Central), Middle East, the Pacific

Phone number
+46 8 655 97 00

PhD in Economics, University of California at Irvine

United States
  • Stability Journal, Board member
External publications
  • Zhou, J., Sullivan, K. and Milante, G., Towards pathways for peacebuilding and development to reduce violent extremism, Journal of Peacebuilding & Development, Vol 12, No 2 (2017) 
  • Milante, G., co-author, World Development Report 2011  (2011)
  • Milante, G., Byrd, W., Anye, K., 'A New Approach to Understanding Afghanistan’s Transition', USIP Peaceworks Report, June 2013, no. 87
  • Milante, G., McBride, M., Skaperdas S., 'Peace and War with Endogenous State Capacity', in Journal of Conflict Resolution, March 2011, 55 (3)