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Dr Alexander Blanchard

Senior Researcher

Dr Alexander Blanchard

Alexander Blanchard

Dr Alexander Blanchard is a Senior Researcher in the Governance of Artificial Intelligence Programme at SIPRI. His work focuses on issues related to the development, use and control of military applications of artificial intelligence. His current work focuses on the control of autonomy in weapon systems as well as organizational practices for the governance of AI. Before joining SIPRI, Alexander was the Dstl Digital Ethics Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute in London. Alexander was also previously Assistant Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies at the University of Copenhagen

Subject expertise

Artificial Intelligence (AI); military AI; autonomous weapon systems; defence industry; digital ethics; political theory; ethics of political violence; just war theory; changing character of war; sociology of science

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BA Joint Honors Philosophy & Politics and International Relations, University of Birmingham

MA Social and Political Theory, University of Birmingham

PhD Politics (Political Theory), Queen Mary University of London

United Kingdom
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