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Ding-Rui Chuang

Guest Researcher

Ding-Rui Chuang

Ding-Rui Chuang

Ding-Rui Chuang was a Guest Researcher in the Conflict, Peace and Security research area.

Before joining SIPRI, he served for 12 years under the Ministry of National Defense in Taipei, up to the level of a navy officer Lt Cdr. His Master’s degree is in resource management and decision science, with an area study of the Supply and Demand for Navy Officers.

Ding-Rui's research interests focus on maritime security issues in South China Sea and Taiwan Strait.

Subject expertise

Maritime security in East Asia and the South China Sea

Regional expertise

East Asia and Cross Strait relations

English, Chinese

MA in Resource Management and Decision Science, National Defense University, Taoyuan City; BA in Electrical Engineering, Naval Academy, Kaohsiung City