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Clarisa Fuentes Eliasson

Human Resources Manager

Clarisa Fuentes Eliasson


Clarisa is an Agile HR-manager with ability to handle complex situations. She has a passion for development, a love for people and a desire for challenges in an egaging and multicultural environment. She has a broad experience in various industries and HR-roles, as well as experience from different countries and cultures.

As an HR generalist, Clarisa brings a comprehensive understanding of various HR functions, including talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, and organizational development. Her experience spans multiple industries, allowing her to adapt strategies and approaches to meet the unique needs of diverse organizations. Clarisa excel in creating and implementing innovative HR solutions that drive employee engagement, foster talent development, and support organizational growth.

With a career that has taken her across different countries and cultures, Clarisa possess a keen understanding of global HR practices and regional nuances. Her experience working in diverse cultural environments has equipped her with the ability to navigate cross-cultural challenges and tailor HR strategies to effectively engage and support employees from various backgrounds. Whether it's adapting to local labor laws and regulations or fostering inclusive workplace cultures, she leverages her regional expertise to drive positive organizational outcomes on a global scale.

Swedish, English, Spanish