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Anastasia Cucino


Anastasia Cucino

Anastasia Cucino

Anastasia Cucino was an intern with the SIPRI Military Expenditure and Arms Production Programme. She was assisting the team with collecting data in SIPRI’s Top 100 Arms-producing and Military Services Companies.

She is currently an International Security Master’s student at Sciences Po Paris. Before joining SIPRI, Anastasia worked as an intern at the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China. Anastasia was also an Academic Representative at the University of Sheffield where she represented students to the Department of Politics and worked to enhance the academic experience that their programme offered. Her undergraduate dissertation looked at the gendered discourse surrounding nuclear weapons as employed by defense experts.

Subject expertise

International security, Nuclear weapons, Gender studies

Regional expertise

Europe, Asia Pacific

Italian, French, English, Mandarin

M.A. International Security, Sciences Po Paris; B.A. International Politics and Security Studies with International Experience (study), University of Sheffield

External publications