Security and Development

SIPRI’s Security and Development Programme focuses on measuring security and peace in developing countries in order to contribute to the post-2015 framework and the development of peacebuilding and state-building indicators.

Current research

The Programme has on-going research projects in several areas including:

2014 Stockholm Forum on Security and Development

In March 2014, with the support of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, SIPRI's Security and Development Programme organized the inaugural high-level Stockholm Forum on Security and Development. The theme of the Forum was ‘Freedom from Violence'.

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featured item

27 Nov. 2013:  How much security can a dollar buy?

SIPRI Essay by Gary Milante
It is easy to measure how much food or fuel a dollar can buy, but how much security can a dollar buy? This deceptively simple question is a difficult one for even the most advanced economies in the world. SIPRI’s new Macroeconomics of Security Programme seeks to understand how policymakers, particularly in developing countries, balance their spending on security and defence against other public goods, including development, governance, health and education. 

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Dr Gary MilanteProgramme Director, biography

Dr Rachel Irwin, Senior Researcher, biography

Kate Sullivan, Programme Coordinator, biography

Stockholm Forum 2014

The inaugural Stockholm Forum on Security and Development was held on 28 March 2014. The theme of this high-level Forum was ‘Freedom from Violence.’ 

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