SIPRI's funding

The majority of SIPRI's funding comes from governments and independent foundations. We are grateful for their confidence in us and we ensure that these resources are used effectively and efficiently, implementing stringent routines for financial control. SIPRI research is objective and independent. As a matter of principle, SIPRI does not accept funding from any source that seeks to interfere with or influence SIPRI research outcomes.

Sources of SIPRI funding, 2014

All amounts in Swedish kronor (SEK) unless otherwise stated

Funder Amount       Programme/project
Swedish MFA 24 431 000       Core grant a
4 000 000       Security and Development
180 000       Dual-use and Arms Trade Control
125 000       Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation
Korea Foundation 110 000       SIPRI outreach and events
European Commission EUR 353 330       Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation b
EUR 327 668       Conflict and Peacebuilding in the Caucasus
EUR 123 250       European Security
EU Joint Research Council EUR 35 000       Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation
US State Department USD 49 350       Dual-use and Arms Trade Control
European Defence Agency EUR 40 000       Armaments and Military Expenditure
ESRC (UK) GBP 6 050       Security and Development
Sida (Sweden) 2 128 000       Armed Conflict and Conflict Management
MacArthur Foundation USD 315 000     CIT-MAP
Norwegian MFA NOK 70 000       China and Global Security
French Defence Ministry EUR 37 000       Armaments and Military Expenditure
Australian National University     AUD 100 000       Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation
World Bank & Aga Khan Foundation USD 605 551       Security and Development
Mistra 1 209 000       Armed Conflict and Conflict Management

Notes: CIT-MAP = Countering Illicit Trafficking – Mechanism Assessment Projects; ESRC = Economic and Social Research Council; EU = European Union; MFA = Ministry of Foreign Affairs; AUD = Australian dollar; EUR = Euro; GBP = British pound; NOK = Norwegian krone; USD = United States dollar.

Grants listed are those approved to SIPRI in 2014. Some of these grants cover several years and may include subcontractors. This means that the combined total for all external grants will not be identical to SIPRI’s annual turnover for 2014.

a SIPRI receives an annual core grant from the Swedish MFA which covers approximately 50 per cent of the annual budget.

b Funding received by SIPRI as part of the European Union Non-Proliferation Consortium.

Annual Review 2014

SIPRI Annual Review, 2013

Annual Review 2014 contains highlights from SIPRI's research programme activities in 2014 as well as details of flagship SIPRI events and publications, significant media coverage, financial information, and staff facts and figures

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