SIPRI Yearbook 2011

Armaments, Disarmament and International Security

‘The world is likely to face a difficult period of growing uncertainty and fragility and a diffusion of risks and threats. In light of these challenges, SIPRI and the SIPRI Yearbook will continue to diligently observe and analyse these and other developments related to international security, armaments and disarmament.’

From the Introduction by SIPRI Director Dr Bates Gill

SIPRI Yearbook 2011 is a compendium of data and analysis in the areas of

  • Security and conflicts
  • Military spending and armaments
  • Non-proliferation, arms control and disarmament

These pages contain summaries and samples of the Yearbook's contents. Printed copies are available to purchase either directly from the publisher, Oxford University Press, or elsewhere and include free access to the full-text online edition at

Press launch

The findings of SIPRI Yearbook 2011 were launched on 7 June.

Read the press release or follow the media coverage.

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Published in July 2011 by Oxford University Press on behalf of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

ISBN 978-0-19-969552-2
ISSN 0953–0282
hardback xxiv+564 pp.

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Summary booklet

The summary text of these pages can also be downloaded as a PDF file.