Dual-use and arms trade control

SIPRI's Dual-use and Arms Trade Control Programme seeks to raise the quality of information on and awareness of the current state of national and multilateral export control systems. The programme contributes to the enhancement of dual-use and arms trade controls both within and outside the European Union through its publications and research, the development of tools and concepts, the conduct of seminars and other awareness-raising and capacity-building activities.
25 Feb. 2014, Tokyo

Asian Export Control Seminar

Sibylle Bauer gave a presentation at the 20th annual Asian Export Control Seminar entitled 'Internalization of international regimes and United Nations Security Council resolutions: controls lists'. The conference included participants from around 30 countries, as well as from international organizations and research institutes. It was organized by the Japanese Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Centre for Information on Security Trade Control.

20–21 Feb. 2014, Münster

German export control conference

Sibylle Bauer participated in the annual Export Control Conference organized by the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) and the Centre for Foreign Trade Law at the University of Münster. The theme of this year's meeting was the limits and goals of export controls.

21 Dec. 2013

SIPRI expert gives presentations on export controls

Ivana Mićić, a Researcher with the SIPRI Dual-use and Arms Trade Control Programme, was involved in two seminars earlier this month on issues related to strategic trade controls, and also participated in the fourth Chaudfontaine Group meeting on export controls.

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About the programme
The SIPRI Dual-use and Arms Trade Control Programme engages in a wide variety of activities.

Our research covers areas such as export control regimes, legal analysis, comparative studies and implementation/enforcement issues.

Our programme provides capacity-building expertise and facilitates projects in several regions of the world, including the European Union, South East Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

We regularly provide expert advice and engage in dialogue with a variety of stakeholders, including governments, civil society actors and international organizations, on issues such as the development of legal frameworks, and the implementation and enforcement of trade control systems.

May 2013

'Arms trade control capacity building: lessons from dual-use trade controls'

Sibylle Bauer 
SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security 2013:2 
March 2013 
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