Dual-use and arms trade control

SIPRI's Dual-use and Arms Trade Control Programme seeks to raise the quality of information on and awareness of the current state of national and multilateral export control systems. The programme contributes to the enhancement of dual-use and arms trade controls both within and outside the European Union through its publications and research, the development of tools and concepts, the conduct of seminars and other awareness-raising and capacity-building activities.
5 February 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

New mapping tool for successful Arms Trade Treaty implementation

SIPRI and the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament in Africa (UNREC) present today a web-based tool and Background Paper to help facilitate a successful Arms Trade Treaty implementation. Read the announcement, access the tool and download the Background Paper.

6 November 2015, Stockholm, Sweden

Final report for the EU dual-use export control policy review

SIPRI and Ecorys, a research-based consulting firm, published the final report of a data collection project linked to the EU's policy review for export control for dual-use goods and technologies. Read more about the policy review, read the final report and read the annexes to the report.

8–9 September 2014, Mexico City, Mexico

Arms Trade Treaty Meeting

Sibylle Bauer attended the first round of informal consultations of the preparatory process towards the First Conference of States Parties (CSP1) of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in Mexico City.

8 September 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

United Nations Association Sweden Seminar

Mark Bromley spoke at a seminar organized by the United Nations Association Sweden about the ongoing parliamentary enquiry into Swedish arms export controls. Bromley made a presentation on the level of transparency in Swedish arms exports as compared to other states.

4-5 September 2014, Brussels, Belgium

EU Non-proliferation and Disarmament Conference

Sibylle Bauer and Mark Bromley attended the third EU Non-proliferation and Disarmament Conference organized by the European Union Non-Proliferation Consortium (EUNPC) organized. Sibylle chaired a session on export controls and Mark chaired a session on regulating small arms.


News archive

About the programme
The SIPRI Dual-use and Arms Trade Control Programme engages in a wide variety of activities.

Our research covers regional and international controls on dual-use and arms trade, and national national export control systems.  

Our capacity-building expertise supports and facilitates projects in the European Union, South East Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

We regularly provide expert advice and engage in dialogue with a variety of stakeholders, including governments, civil society actors and international organizations, on issues such as the development of legal frameworks, and the implementation and enforcement of trade control systems.


'The dual-use export control policy review: balancing security, trade and academic freedom in a changing world'

Sibylle Bauer and Mark Bromley
Non-proliferation Paper No. 48
March 2016

'ICT Surveillance Systems: Trade Policy and the Application of Human Security Concerns'

Mark Bromley, Kees Jan Steenhoek, Simone Halink, and Evelien Wijkstra
Strategic Trade Review, Spring 2016, Issue No. 2

'ATT-related outreach assistance in sub-Saharan Africa: identifying gaps and improving coordination'

Mark Bromley and Christina Arabia
SIPRI Background Paper
February 2016


'Implementing the Arms Trade Treaty: building on available guidelines and assistance activities'

Sibylle Bauer and Mark Bromley
SIPRI Background paper
May 2015

'The Arms Trade Treaty: challenges for the First Conference of States Parties'

Sibylle Bauer, Paul Beijer and Mark Bromley
SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security no. 2014:2
September 2014

'Penalties for export control offences for dual-use and export control law: a comparative overview of six countries'

Sibylle Bauer
Commissioned by the Swedish Parliamentary Committee on arms export controls
April 2014

'South Korea's export control system'

Jaewon Lee
SIPRI Background Paper
November 2013

'Options for increasing the openness and transparency of Sweden’s arms exports and arms export controls'

Sibylle Bauer and Paul Holtom
Commissioned by the Swedish Parliamentary Committee on arms export controls
October 2013