Peace operations and conflict management

MONUC240x160.jpgPeace operations and conflict management have been core elements of the work of the Armed Conflict and Conflict Management Programme since the end of the cold war. Currently, the work of the peace operations and conflict management team consists of four main pillars: (a) peace operations data and trends; (b) the new geopolitics of peace operations; (c) evaluation and lessons learned; and (d) consultancies regarding topical issues in the field.

latest publication
NGP Final Report coverThe Future Peace Operations Landscape:
Voices from stakeholders around the globe
by Jaïr van der Lijn and Xenia Avezov

The final report of the New Geopolitics of Peace Operations initiative aims to provide insights into the views of major troop- and police-contributing countries (TCC/PCCs) and emerging powers in the different regions on the main future challenges to international peace and security; interpretations of relevant norms and concepts in peace operations; the main objectives for participation in peace operations; organizations' capacities and legitimacy to address the regional and global challenges of conflict; and the challenges to peace operations.

Download the report or read more about the series of workshops that informed the report's findings.


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Xenia Avezov, Researcher, biography

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