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SIPRI researchers have been studying international arms transfers since 1968. Research is currently divided into three areas: Measuring international arms transfers; Transparency in international arms transfers; and Controlling international arms transfers. Research findings are presented in the SIPRI Yearbook and other SIPRI and non-SIPRI publications. SIPRI also maintains the Arms Transfers Database - which includes information on all international transfers of major conventional weapons since 1950 - as well as a database of all international and multilateral arms embargoes.
The SIPRI Arms Transfers Database containing information on all transfers of major weapons from 1950 to the most recent full calendar year (2013) has been updated. Further information on the recent trends are available to view here

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'The Middle East's new era of militarisation', Al Jazeera, 1 October 2014
'Sverige har svårt att kontrollera vapensmugglingen', Omvärlden, 1 October 2014
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Recent Publications

Die französische Rüstungsindustrie. Strategische Autonomie mit Hindernissen (The French defense industry. Strategic autonomy with obstacles)

Aude-Emmanuelle Fleurant, Yannick Quéau
DGAP analysis 15
1 September 2014
Available here

Trends in international arms transfers, 2013

Siemon T. Wezeman and Pieter D. Wezeman
SIPRI Fact Sheet
March 2014
Available here

Arms Trade Treaty assistance: identifying a role for the European Union

Mark Bromley and Paul Holtom
EU Non-proliferation Consortium Discussion Paper
February 2014
Available here

The SIPRI Top 100 arms-producing and military services companies, 2012

Sam Perlo-Freeman and Pieter D. Wezeman
SIPRI Fact Sheet
January 2014
Available here

China's Export of Small and Light Weapons

Mark Bromley, Mathieu Duchâtel and Paul Holtom
SIPRI Policy Paper no. 38
October 2013
Available here


Older publications can be accessed here.

Recent Activities
26th November 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

Presentation at Nordic-Baltic Export Control meeting

SIPRI Senior Researcher Pieter Wezeman gave a presentation at the Nordic-Baltic Export Control meeting on the Trade In Conventional Arms: Global And Regional Perspectives. The meeting was organised by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For more information contact Pieter Wezeman.

10th November 2014, Singapore

The global arms industry in 2030 and beyond, RSIS

Director of the SIPRI Arms and Military Expenditure Programme, Dr. Aude Fleurant, attended a workshop under Chatham House rules and gave a presentation of possible future scenarios in the European arms industry by 2030. For more information contact Aude Fleurant.

21 October 2014, Hague, The Netherlands

Lecture at Society for International Development

SIPRI Senior Researcher Siemon Wezeman gave a lecture on the international arms trade at the Society for International Development (hosted by the Institute for Social Studies) in The Hague. For more information contact Siemon Wezeman or visit the website of the SID.

20th October 2014, Seoul, South Korea

First DAPA-KIET International conference on Recent changes in the global defense industry and export oriented industrialisation strategies

Director of the SIPRI Arms and Military Expenditure Programme, Dr. Aude Fleurant, gave an opening keynote speech titled: (The Changing Relationship Between State And Industry In The Global Defense Political Economy.) Aude also participated as a discussant for two panels at this event. For more information contact Aude Fleurant.

6 October 2014, Geneva, Switzerland

Lecture at Arms Trade Treaty Course

SIPRI Senior Researcher Pieter Wezeman gave a lecture at a course for officials from 16 countries on Building capacities for effective implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty organised by the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) and the Geneva Forum. For more information contact Pieter Wezeman.

11-14 August 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Conference

Director of SIPRI Arms Transfers, Arms Production and Military Expenditure Programme, Dr. Aude Fleurant attended the major International Peace Research Association (IPRA) bi-annual conference. Aude gave two presentations on the current trends in military expenditures and arms production transformation at the conference. For more information contact Aude Fleurant.

2 July 2014, Visby, Sweden

The Almedalen Week

SIPRI Senior Researcher Pieter Wezeman spoke at the security policy venue of the annual Almedalen week in Visby, Sweden. Pieter discussed the impact of the Arms Trade Treaty during a seminar organised by Amnesty International. For more information contact Pieter Wezeman.

17 March 2014, Paris, France

Roundtable and launch of SIPRI arms transfers data

SIPRI and Institut de Recherche Stratégique de l'École Militaire (IRSEM) held a roundtable discussion on the global arms market. This roundtable brought together French-speaking experts to address contemporary developments in arms exports by key countries and regions, and included a launch of SIPRI data on international arms transfers for 2013. Download an agenda for the event in English or French (PDF).

Older activities can be accessed here.




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