Arms Production

The purpose of the SIPRI arms production project is to monitor, describe and analyse trends and developments in arms production world-wide. The project was initiated in 1989 to study developments in the arms industry. It collects information on the major arms-producing companies and describes and analyses their adjustment to the changed economic and political context and the resulting changes in industrial structures. The amount of available information on the level of arms production is limited, both at the company and national level. There is a great need for further transparency.


The SIPRI Top 100 and recent trends data has now been updated and is available to view here.


main activities

  • Analysis of recent developments in the arms industry, at the company level and in a national and international perspective. See the SIPRI Top 100 and recent trends in arms producing companies.

  • Maintenance of the SIPRI arms industry database on arms-producing companies.

  • Presentation of analysis and data in the SIPRI Yearbook.


arms industry database

The SIPRI arms industry database was created in 1989. It contains financial data and employment data for arms-producing companies in the OECD and developing countries (except China). Data on the arms sales and employment of the 100 largest arms-producing companies in these countries are presented annually in a data appendix (SIPRI Top 100) to the chapter on arms production in the SIPRI Yearbook.

The SIPRI data on arms-producing companies are based on open sources. Sources include company annual reports and articles in journals and newspapers. Estimates of arms sales are made on the basis of open information. The database is served by a network of experts who provide the programme with company data and analytical support.

For Arms Production publications please go here.

See also Sources and methods for SIPRI data on arms production.



SIPRI’s International Arms Transfers, Arms Production and Military Expenditure projects are now combined into one programme, the SIPRI Arms and Military Expenditure Programme.  

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